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Our Story

Our founder and CEO Dawn Drucker has owned and operated Southern Soap Shop since 2013 and it has always been her goal and dream to have a store one day. Downtown Anderson, SC as always been the spot she had in mind and even the building we are currently in has been the one she has had you eye on, so in late 2018 when the building became available again she decided to make her dream come true, of course with help of her family. They knew not only can she make great soap but she has a passion for other things like fashion, farmhouse decor, and just all things rustic and southern.

So with that Simply Country Chic was born back out of the ashes, since it was the name of the soap company back in 2014, however this time it will have brand new look and feel to it with our unique concept of women's boutique and upscale general store.

It is her hopes and dreams that y'all like what she has done and continue to help support her!

Visit Us

402 South Main Street
Anderson, SC 29624

Mon - Sat 10a - 7p
Sunday 12p - 5p